Lagrima White Digital Piano with Standard Key, 88 Key

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  • ♫ PEDAL PROTECTION - The pedal protection will make the pedal more durable and prevent the pedal from damaging or breaking in your long-term use.
  • ♫ APPEALING TONE - This digital piano adopts dream source, with digitalization sampling, 88 standard piano keys, giving you an outstanding feel and response.
  • ♫ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Feature sound volume adjustment, multi-tone selection, sound recording control, playback function, split/touch control function, metronome function, teaching function etc, let you learn piano more happily in a beautiful melody!
  • ♫ USB/MIDI TERMINAL - You can connect and interact with a wide variety of educational, music entertainment or other applications on a computer or Apple and Android devices.
  • ♫ FEATURE - 3 Pedal System(Soft/Sustain/Sostenuto Pedal)/LCD Display Screen/80 Demo Songs/Dual, 960 Tones/128 Polyphony/200 Rhythms/Built-in Stereo Speakers/Slide Cover Design.


  • METRONOME - Beginners can adjust the speed, from slow to fast to do the variation practice, and gradually establish a keen sense of speed
  • TOUCH - Press this button, the piano will automatically switch to the 16-level touch mode, and the key volume will change with the playing strength.
  • DSP Effect - Feature Reverb/Chorus/Chord/Dual Tones function, can create a variety of changing sound effects
  • Teaching Function - Progressive learning in left or right hand
  • CHORD - Essential function of piano learner fingering practice
  • FILL-IN - You can fill in Interlude when it is playing rhythm
  • TEMPO - Adjust the speed with the metronome
  • TRANSPOSE - The piano can adjust low and high level
  • DUAL - With dual keyboard(Different scale)and dual tone

Three Metal Pedals

  • Soft pedal - Soften the tone
  • Sustain pedal -Continuously increasing lengths of sustained notes, from slight to full
  • Sostenuto pedal - Press the pedal halfway down to get a partial damper effect

Recording Playback Function

  • The recording function built into the instrument allows players to record performances with a single touch
  • Additionally it also can play back your own work easily! Let you improve your playing ability faster!

MIDI Terminal

  • MIDI input interface can be connected to computer, Apple and Android devices, downloadable teaching software APP to achieve online teaching demonstration, learn piano and play, accompaniment function
  • MIDI output interface can upload personal performance to smart device.

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