LAGRIMA Steel Tongue Drum, 11/13 Notes 10/12 Inches Percussion Instrument Black

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  • 【High quality】The use of high quality carbon steel material, the surface is smooth, delicate and corrosion resistant. Strictly modulate and cut precisely by hand. The tone is more pure and stable.
  • 【Widely Use】Steel drum are used in religious activities,including Baby Music Enlightenment,Instrument Performance ,Self-Cultivation,Yoga Meditation and so on.
  • 【Easy To Learn & Play】The way of playing is flexible and diverse, and it can be beaten by hand or with drumsticks.
  • 【Packages】1 x Steel Tongue Drum, 1x Pair of Mallets,1x Mallet Bracket,1xnote stickers, 4xfinger, 1x Nylon Travel Bag, 1xTutorial Book
  • 【Suitable For Beginners,Professional Performance】The eleven-tone range is wide, and the playable style is wide, and most of the songs can be played.Thirteen-tone range is wider, can play more styles, and more professional.

Fine Craftsmanship


  • The electroplating spray paint forms a protective film on the surface of the empty drum. It is not easy to be corroded and does not peel off the paint. LAGRIMA tongue drums are hand-painted in different colors and textures with moderate sustain.

Multiple Ways To Play


  • When hand tapping, it is recommended to tap the tongue lightly and quickly with your fingertips, so that the tone will be much cleaner than the entire palm tapping tongue.
  • Drumsticks are more penetrating.

Enjoy Your Own Music


  • While mastering the basic playing methods and rhythm, you just need to play to your heart's content and follow your inner rhythm. You can play your own unique melody.

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