LAGRIMA Snare Drum Kit, 14inch x 5.5inch, Tuning Lugs & Snare Strainer

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  • MATERIAL-Real Wood Shells,high gloss finish snare drums,and the drum skin adopts double-layer oil skin, good elasticity and longer use time
  • EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP-The bottom of the drum has a ringing chord, and when the drums are played, the chord and the drum surface resonate, causing the music to sound.
  • SENSITIVE SOUND-This snare drum delivers a warm and sensitive sound with a crisp and fat backbeat.
  • VARIETY TONE -Their tone and tuning range are well suited to match a variety of playing styles and musical genres.
  • PERFECT CHOICE FOR BEGINNER- This snare drum set will match any music style including rock, metal, funk, gospel , rock bands, and it perfect for shows, concert, church drummers or school performances, so that you can have good experience.
  • This brand-new snare drum is unique, clever and incredibly versatile. Always expertly crafted, sleek, beautiful and never compromised. If you want the snare drum to provide a punchy sound, our dark wood snare drum will never disappoint! With a sharp, aggressive attack and powerful punch, it features tuning lugs for a more stable, higher quality sound when compared to six lug drums.

    Gorgeous dark wood with a simple finish
    Exceedingly sturdy and durable
    Powerful punchy sound and aggressive attack
    Premium quality 14’’ snare drum
    Luxury snare drum throw-off
    IValue for money
    Lug Count
    Product Size: 14''x5.5''
    Snare Wire: 20-Strand
    Hardware Finish: Chrome
    Lug Count: YES
    Shell Thickness: 7.5mm poplar wood 3-ply
    Shell Color/Finish: Glossy Dark Wood wrap
    Gross Weight: 6 pounds
    Drumhead top: White coating
    Drumhead bottom: Clear

    Package Content:
    Snare Drum

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