LAGRIMA LGA-400 Full Size 41 inch Handcrafted Beginner Acoustic Cutaway Guitar Set, Black

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  • Selected High Quality Materials - LAGRIMA 41-inch acoustic guitar, sturdy basswood body, high-density wood carved fingerboard, mahogany head, ABS bridge, fully enclosed chrome knobs, steel strings.
  • Cutaway Design-The golden cutaway corner design is convenient for high position playing, focusing on coordination and practicality.
  • Original Quality Strings -The surface is coated with a film coating, which is not easy to rust, which prolongs the use time of the strings and reduces the burden on the fingers when pressing the strings.
  • Simple Design - Simple head design, streamlined curvature makes the head and the body integrated, beautiful. The rosewood bridge has high hardness, strong vibration conductivity, stable and rich tone transmission.
  • Product Size (41 inch): Suitable for the guitarist over 14 years old, especially the beginners, students or adults.

Matte lacquer, MORE texture

All series are made of matte frosted paint technology, retaining the natural wood texture, and the sound quality is pure.


Rosewood fingerboard, easy to press

Fine polishing, comfortable touch, more stable performance.


Stainless steel pegs, durable and beautiful

Tunes are accurate, highly accurate, and not easy to run off.


Hand polished guitar, matte black

LAGRIMA 41-inch upgraded hand-polished vintage cutaway acoustic guitar, suitable for high-position Solo. There are 20 characters from the pillow to the body. There is a crescent-shaped guard on the box. It can be played with steel strings. You can use nails. Or pick a pick. Folk guitars are mellow and bright in tone, deep and honest in sound quality, and have a relatively free playing posture. They are mainly used to accompany singers. They are suitable for country, folk and modern music.


LAGRIMA is a famous musical instrument brand.It is the leader of musical products in many countries(America,Germany,United Kingdom,France,etc).In addition to electric pianos,LAGRIMA also produces guitars,drums,violins,etc.,which are popular among Amazon buyers.And LAGRIMA products also focus on quality, practicality and customer after-sales service,so if you have any question about our product,our service will help you asap!

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