LAGRIMA LAG-710 Mesh Kit Electric Drum Set, 8 Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Adjustable Drum Throne

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LAGRIMA YDL-50 Mesh Kit Electric Drum Set

LAGRIMA Electric Drum Set uses a mesh drum head. The sound volume of the mesh drum head is not only lower than that of a traditional rubber drum head, but drummers can adjust its tension according to their preferences. The foldable function saves space at home. The tone that comes out is absolutely beautiful! You can also follow the demo songs inside Playing, there are also many rhythm training courses, you can follow along, not only will not be boring, but more interesting!

  • LED LCD display
  • Use 6 layers of force to respond to stratification to restore light and heavy blows
  • Support double trigger, with side hit response, catch the cymbal to stop the sound
  • The number of tones is 255 and the GM standard sound library (used by songs)
  • Support the sensitivity adjustment of each drum pad
  • Socket: USB MIDI, headphone, audio input, audio output

    Trigger the whole surface without dead angle

    Dual trigger channels, brand new silicone cymbals, hand-squeezed edge with sound-stop function, active noise reduction, effectively filtering out external noise.


    Multimedia sound library

    • Imported dream sound source, polyphony 81
    • 225 Sound
    • 70 Demo Song
    • 30~250 Speed

    Strong and stable, saving space

    The four-legged stable drum stand allows you to easily and quickly adjust the drums to a comfortable and comfortable position for playing. When not playing, it can be folded and stored to save indoor space.

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