LAGRIMA 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set

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  • MATERIAL-Real Wood Shells,high gloss finish all drums,and the drum skin adopts single-layer oil skin
  • EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP-The bottom of the drum has a ringing chord, and when the drums are played, the chord and the drum surface resonate, causing the music to sound.
  • BASS AND TOM DRUM BRACKET-Adjust the angles for playing drums.The screws can be adjusted, drums can be well protected ,enhancing the resonance effect. The music is more contagious played through the drums
  • INCLUDED-bass drum,Tom Drums, snare Drum,snare Stand,Hi hat Stand & Cymbals,mounted Cymbal,drum Stool,bass drum pedal,drum Key and drum Sticks
  • PRODUCT SIZE-22" x 16" bass drum,12" x 10" and 13" x 11" tom drums, 14" x 5.5" snare drum,16" x 16" floor tom

LAGRIMA 22" Full Size 5 Piece Adult Drum Set

  • Loved By Most People

    LAGRIMA 22 inch Drum Set offers the perfect solution for drummers on the road to musical excellence,or anyone looking for a basic, affordable drum kit. Designed and performance tested , this quality exquisite drum set is rapidly growing in popularity.

    Multiple Choices-Adult and Kids

    Whether you're young or old, we have an assortment of drum sets perfectly suited to meet your needs.With options such as our 5-Piece Adult Drum Set with Cymbals and the 3-Piece Kids Drum Set in a variety of colors, our sets are designed to fit different ages and styles.

    Solid Design

    The cymbals, hi-hat, and snare stands should start with a strong and well-balanced tripod base. LAGRIMA's included hardware package is second-to-none in its class.All stands are dual-reinforced, height and angle adjustable, and feature double-braced legs to withstand the pounding onslaught of the heavy-hitting drummer.

    Snare Drum

    The snare drum is the voice of the drum set and captures everything from the loudest accents to the softest "ghost" notes.With a matching shell and finish, the LAGRIMA snare is full of attack and power, yet sensitive enough for drumming at any volume.

    Bass Drum

    The bass drum is the tonal heartbeat of the drum set and should not only set the low-end pulse for the groove,but be a foundation for the rest of the complete drum set-up.The LAGRIMA kick drum features an extended tension/tuning range for low, chest-thumping bass frequencies.

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