LAGRIMA 5 Piece 22 inch Full Size Complete Adult Drum Set with Adjustable Throne

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  • Updated Material:This deluxe drum set is crafted utilizing the highest quality materials, such as genuine poplar hardwood shells, double layer oil skins, and stainless steel cymbals holder, all chosen for their ability to maximize frequency response and resonance for the ultimate acoustic experience.
  • Double Layer Oil Skin:This drum kit is updated with a double-layer oil drum skin.So our drum has higher hardness and toughness than the single-layer oil skin drum of market. It is more resistant to puncture, more resistant to friction, can withstand high temperature and low temperature.
  • Cymbals Included: 14" Brass Crash-Ride, 12" Hybrid Hi-Hats
  • Drums Included: 22x14 Bass Drum, 13x11 Tom, 12x10 Tom, 16x16 Floor Tom, 14x5.5 Snare Drum
  • Hardware Included: Cymbal Stand, Hi-Hat Stand, Snare Stand, Bass Drum Pedal, Throne, 2 Tom Holders;Come with drumsticks and padded throne (stool)

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