LAGRIMA 39 Inch Full Size Electric Guitar Starter Kit

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      Finger Plate Area

      • Made of environment-Friendly wood, the knob gears are easy to tune, fixed pitch, not easy to tune,uses the environmental protection paint, non-toxic tasteless, the bright lacquer surface.

      6 Strings

      • Adopt steel, super strong tension, feel comfortable, deduce perfect timbre,and the guitar music code is rugged,the string will not break off when the string is tight

      Guitar Head and Knob

      • Traditional design, keep intonation more lasting, Steel string and nylon chord free can be switched,,adjustable knob design, different degrees of elasticity have different tones.

      Guitar Speaker


      • High quality wood panel,perfect speaker, smooth line, excellent resonance effect,made of an all wood construction & steel strings & glossy smooth finished

      Vibrato System


      • Metal front suppression vibrato system, high stability, no running strings,package including:1 x nylon case,1 x tuner,3 x picks,1 x strap,1 x set of strings,1 x 20w AMP

      Product Size


      • 14.2(L)x5.9(W)x40.4(H)inchs,
      • guitar Size: 39"
      • Color:Sunburst

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