LAGRIMA is a famous musical instrument brand.It is the leader of musical products in many countries (America, Germany, United Kingdom, France,etc).

In addition to electric pianos, LAGRIMA also produces guitars, drums, violins, etc., which are popular among Global buyers. And LAGRIMA products also focus on quality, practicality and customer after-sales service, so if you have any question about our product, our service will help you ASAP!

Company Name: Nuokexiou(Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd

Company Address:Room 3739, Binhai Committee, No.8, Pingying Road, Dongli District, Tianjin, China

Contact E-mail address:lagrima@beforeship.com  or rita.ma@beforeship.com

We have been operating stores on Amazon since 2015.(amazon.com/lagrima) 

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