LAGRIMA Black 22'' 5 Piece Complete Adult Drum Set Cymbals Full Size Kit with Stool & Sticks

Price: $269.90

Sale: $219.90&FREE Shipping

You Save: $50


5 Pieces Full size complete drum set

Premium material made it looks profile,perfect for Beginner/Students/Juniors/Adults

Sturdy shells in black finished&Blended poplar and asian mahogany shells

High-grade drums set for music 

Set up easily & All the accessories are included,everything needed to start playing the drums


Perfect drum set for kids playing instead of watching TV or playing video games what is harmful to the eyes. Ideal for kids who has the interest of becoming a rock star in the future. This set is complete a real drum set designed for the little drummer what is sturdy to hold up to your child’s recreation.


Premium material made it looks perfect profile

High-grade drums set for music instrument percussion

Sturdy shells in black finished

Set up easily,A wonderful set for the price

5 pieces of drum set,Ideal gift for Christmas or birthday.


Product Size: 

Kick drum: 22’’x16’’

 Floor tom: 16” x 16”


Rack toms:13’’x11’’ and 12’’x10’’

Package Content:

Drum Sets


Kick Pedal

Hi-hat stand

Cymbal stand and snare stand

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